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       Hello! Welcome to the Jellicle Realm. I'm Lectra. This is my Cats page. I wanted it to be just about Cats in general, but the more I thought about it, less I wanted to go with that. I mean, on just about everyone else's page, you can find character descrptions (If you're anything like me, you know all that from watching the video countless times), or the lyrics to the songs (which, in my case, I've already known since I was 8), or the overview of the production, (again I stress, if you've ever seen the video, or seen it live, like me, you know this already), etcetera, etectera, etcetera. You can find all that elsewhere. Besides, I have it on good authority that those types of things take tremendous amounts of time to come up with (from your own memory, of course.). So, nope! No way Jose! Nada! Not on my page buster! (besides, I'm too lazy >^..^<)
       I am a great fan of Cats Fan Fiction. There are some grrrreat! authors out there, and I think they should be heard. Yes, there are other Cats FanFic pages out there too, and probably better than mine, but not as many as those that are dedicated to the general idea of Cats. So, this may not be as good a place as say....(insert your favorite Cats fanfic site here), but this is only my first effort at building a web site (and I'm doing it all without the help of those expensive programs too! It's just me and my good old buddy, HTML.). I'm doing my best.
       I'm rambling aren't I? Yes, I know I am. I don't think even I would take the time to read all of this, so I'm cutting short. I think I'll just leave you to it. Go ahead, read the fanfics. They're wonderful, I assure you. Also, if you've any idea's for what I could do with this place that wouldn't seem oh, I don't know...normal?, please tell me. ALRIGHT ALREADY!! I am just going to sit here quietly until the next, poor, unsuspecting victim...I mean the next Jellicle to wander into my Realm. Happy reading!

Hello Jellicles!!! Long time no update, huh? I'm probably scaring everyone, updating my site. But I've got some Fanfics from people I promised to put up and never got around to doing it. And I've been meaning to updat for a few months now, but everytime I went to update, something popped up and caught my attention away for awhile. But I'm back. So how was everyone's Christmas and New Year's? My Christmas was ok, but my New Year's was wonderful! Today I'm only adding one fan fic, but every day that I can and add a new one. Happy New Year everybody! ~Electra >^..^<

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All characters, Names and likenesses copyright 1999 The Really Useful Group. All rights reserved. Pictures & images will be removed by request. I'm not trying to infringe upon anyone's copyright stuff. Look at it this way. I have no money, so if you sue me, you won't get anything. Oh yeah, one more thing. This site was not created to make money, it was created for fun & entertainment.

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